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Text Box: Long Island Wedding Officiant , in New York
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Long Island Wedding Officiant, LogoText Box: Hey Johnny, this is Brian and Kelly D....I just called to say thank you very much for the very, very  beautiful, beautiful ceremony.  We appreciate everything that you did for us and helped us out with things and the vows and stuff light that.    Everybody was raving about you.  Everybody like the guitar, the singing, and the sand.  Everything that you done was absolutely perfect and we couldn’t ask for anything better than that.  We really do truly thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts.  It was absolutely fantastic.  We wished you could have stayed for the food and stuff...  Again, we just wanted to thank you very much.  It was a very very beautiful ceremony.  Alright.  Thank you again.  Take care of yourself.  Bye bye.
Text Box: Rev Johnny
Thank you very much for the e-card and for the pictures. Ilya and I both appreciate your kindness. Thank you for thinking of us. Thanks for everything!! Take care. 
Long Island Wedding Officiant, Stephanie and Ilya, Reverend Johnny Erato, TestimonialsText Box: Thank you so much for everything. The service was beautiful - we really enjoyed your style. Plus, the humor really helped me to maintain composure ;)
Again, thank you,
Michelle and Stuart 
Text Box: Hello Rev. Johnny,
Thank you for...being part of our special day.  The ceremony was just perfect.
Beth & David 
Text Box: Hi Reverend Johnny,
Thank you so much for a beautiful ceremony.  We prayed that the event you had to go to after ours was just as great as ours and that you got there ok.  Thank you for everything.  God Bless You.  -Lonnie & Hugo- 
Long Island Wedding Officiant, Lonnie and Hugo, Reverend Johnny Erato, TestimonialsText Box: Lonnie and Hugo
Text Box: Phone message:  Hey Reverend.  How you doin?  This is Emmanuel.  So, we called you to thank you a lot for  giving us like a wonderful ceremony.  We are really very grateful for that, Reverend.  And we are looking forward to seeing you on another occasion.  Thank you so much.  And Sandy would like to just say, “Hi,” too.  Hi Reverend.  I wanted to tell you once again, “Thank you so much for a beautiful ceremony.”  We had a great time and we are looking forward to keeping in touch with you.  OK?  Thank you so much.  Bye bye.
Text Box: Hi Rev. Johnny, 
How are you and your family doing? 
I've been meaning to email you now that most of my overseas guests have gone back. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to you and your wife for allowing Jason & I to have a simple, yet wonderful ceremony...Everything went wonderfully. 
Best regards,
Text Box: Thank you so much for providing such a lovely service for Anthony and Myself in Central Park…New York …it meant the world to us both and hope we have you as a friend moving forward… your words that you provided including ours were beautiful.
I do hope that you keep in touch
Look forward to seeing the video and your photo’s
A big Thank you from Sydney Australia
Well Done   

Fiona Henderson 
Text Box: Hello...I just wanted to say, “Thank you,” for making sure everything went smoothly.  It has been a pleasure working with you.  Thanks again.
Text Box: Dear Rev. Johnny, Thanks again for such a wonderful ceremony.  It meant a lot to be able to “personalize” it and make it special.  It started our marriage off on the best foot forward!  Bettye and Marty
Text Box: My dear Rev. Johnny, What can I say? Your deliverance at the ceremony was the most heartfelt and touching. Not only did you touch our lives, but the lives of everyone that was attending. I must say, that we didn't go wrong with choosing you as our spiritual leader for such a special occasion. Thank you.  Regards, Peggy 
Text Box: Hi Rev. Johnny, Thanks for putting together our ceremony.  We really enjoyed our day and will cherish it forever.  Jill
Long Island Wedding Officiant, Rev. Johnny Erato, Spanish Bilingual OfficiantText Box: Hi Rev. Johnny,  Regi and I would like to thank you so very much for such an excellent ceremony, especially given what little time we had to work with. We really appreciate all of your help.  Thanks again,  Kristle and Reginald 
Text Box: Dear Reverend Erato,  I want to thank you for the wonderful ceremony. You made our special day even better. Both Hector and I appreciate it a lot. Also thank you for the music CD. I wish you the best.  Sincerely, Katherine
Text Box: Thank you so much for doing our wedding.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  With Love, Surita & Tom
Text Box: Dear Rev. Johnny, We just wanted to thank you for being part of our wedding. Your spirit and easy-going persona maybe it a light hearted ceremony when we were all nervous and I (the bride) was late. Thank you for bringing God into our marriage. Thank you, Rev. Johnny, for your spiritual guidance and blessings. Eddie and Jen
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Text Box: We just wanted to say thank you very much for a wonderful ceremony.  We loved it and so did our guest.
Thanks again and God Bless.  Norma and Matthew