The Straight Path to Your Dream Wedding Ceremony

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1. Should the Ring Bearer have the real rings or fake rings?  A:  I usually suggest the rings be fake.  I always make this suggestion if the wedding takes place outdoors.

2. Who should hold the real rings during the Ceremony?  A:  I always suggest the Best Man carry both rings.  I also suggest he take them out of the box and place them in his pocket.

3. If the couple has children, how can they participate in the ceremony?  A:  If a Marriage Address is requested, I use this opportunity to mention the children by name.  I also say a few words about family.  If there is a Candle Ceremony, I suggest that after the couple lights the center candle, each child lights their own individual candle.

4. How many songs can be played for the ceremony?  A:  There can be as many as seven selections played:  During the Seating, As the Groom and I enter, As the Mother(s) is/are seated, During the Processional, As the Bride enters, During the Recessional, and As the guests leave.

5. May the photographer be permitted to take pictures during the ceremony?  A:  My answer is, “Whatever works best for the couple, is what works best for me, and therefore should be arranged.”

6. What will you wear?  A:  I can dress any way you like.  Please click on the “Attire” link to see examples of how I can dress.

7. Who should have the marriage license the day of the ceremony?  A:  I suggest the Groom or Best Man carry the license on the day of the ceremony.

8. Is a rehearsal required?  A:  I do not require a rehearsal.  If you desire one, I can attend the rehearsal for an additional fee of $100.00 locally. 

9. When should we book you?  A:  Once you know the date, time and location.