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Text Box: Long Island Wedding Officiant , in New York
Text Box: 20 Questions You Should Ask Me
Text Box: 1. Will you marry us if we are of different faiths?  A.  Yes.  I am an Interfaith wedding officiant.
2. Will you marry us if one or both of us have been divorced?  A.  Yes.  Happily.
3. Will you officiate our ceremony if we are not current members of your church?  A.  I will happily marry you no matter what church you attend or do not attend.
4. Do you charge a fee? Or is the fee a donation to the church?  A.  Yes.  For an example of my fees, please see my Wedding Packages page.  
5. Do you require premarital or religious classes? What are those requirements?  A.  No.  I do not require premarital and religious classes.  Please click here for addl. info. 
6. Would you allow another officiant to take part in the ceremony?    A.  Absolutely!
7. Can we personalize our ceremony by writing our own vows or selecting specific readings or music?  A.  Certainly.  I encourage you to customize YOUR wedding any way you like.  I am available to assist and make suggestions if requested.
8. Can we choose non-religious readings or music?  A.  Certainly.  It is YOUR ceremony...not mine or anyone else’s.
9. Will you give a sermon during the ceremony? If so, can we have some input?  A.  Only if requested.  Yes.  I welcome your input.
10. Should we bring you the marriage license before the wedding date? Will you mail it to the state for us?  A.  Bringing the license prior to the wedding date is not necessary.  I will take care of filing your legal documents.
11. When will the rehearsal be held?  A.  I do not require a rehearsal; however, if you would like me to attend a rehearsal, there will be an additional $100.00 local fee.
12. Will you play any role in the reception -- give a blessing or prayer before the meal?  It would be my pleasure.
13.  Are there any restrictions as to our attire, or our bridal party's attire?  No.  Absolutely not.  You should wear what you want.
14. Is flash photography allowed during the ceremony?  If it is fine with you...It is fine with me.
15. Will you wear a microphone if the videographer requires one to capture the ceremony?  Certainly...No problem at all.
16. Will you come to my location to do a ceremony?  Yes.  I would be happy to come to you.
17.  What types of  wedding ceremonies will you perform?  Just about all types.  Please see my  Welcome page, my Wedding Styles page, my Wedding Packages page, and my FAQ’s page for examples.
18. Do you have ceremony samples? Yes.  Please see my Ceremony Outline page and subsequent links for examples
19. Are you registered to perform weddings in the State of New York?  Yes.  I am registered in the State of New York and the City of New York as well.
20. What is your New York City Certificate of Marriage Officiant Registration ID Number?  A.  I am proud to say that my NYCCOMOR ID Number is:  1096672.
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Text Box: 1-888-4-WED-REV (1-888-493-3738)
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