The Straight Path to Your Dream Wedding Ceremony

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The symbolism of two becoming one is often enacted in a Unity Candle Ceremony as two people (or two families) are merged together through the joining of a man and woman in marriage.  It is typically included in the ceremony either before the Wedding Vows or after the Ring Exchange and before the Pronouncement.
Two taper candles are used to represent the Bride and Groom as individuals, while a larger center candle represents either God as the source of our individual light, or the new and greater flame of the marriage.  Some couples like to have the mothers of the Bride and Groom  light the two candles from a small votive that will later be used by the Bride and Groom to light the center candle instead of the Bride and Groom lighting their individual candles.  Later, the Bride and Groom use their individual candles to light the center candle.  After the center candle is lit, they each blow out their individual candles.  The candle ceremony is not recommended during outdoor ceremonies.
The Bride and Groom give each other a drink from the same glass.
The Bride and Groom each pour wine from individual decanters into one glass and give each other a drink.
The Bride and Groom each pour individually colored sand from their own small containers into one larger container.
The  Bride and Groom give each other the gift of a rose and their first gifts as Husband and Wife.  The Rose ceremony is usually done after the Pronouncement.